How To Modify A Sportbike : Visual And Performance Mods.

Okay, today we are going to see how we can modify a sportbike visually and then we will se some physical mods that will even boost your sportbike’s performance. Why? you say. Because everybody wants a headturner sportbike. So lets see the changes you can make to

Fun Places To Hang Out In Delhi And NCR

Okay, so i am citizen of India and i live in the capital. Yes ‘The Delhi’, and sometimes when i am in mood for an outing, i end up thinking about it for a while and then just give up on that idea because there are not

Upcoming Smartphones Of 2014 Compared

As we all know 2013 is about to end soon and smartphone industry is already in motion to bless us with some amazing masterpieces in the upcoming months. Smartphones play a very important role in our lives because they are way too helpful and whats even better

Top 10 Multiplayer Games You Can’t Stop Playing

I am a huge fan of multiplayer games because the joy of knowing that you just owned a real person is nothing like killing a bot. The rage of the person makes me feel even better. But there is a saying from big labowski “sometimes you eat

How To Build An Arcade Stick From Scratch

Okay guys today i would like to present you my arcade stick, my latest homemade creation that i built from scratch. Its nothing fancy but it does its job. I can beat it around for hours without the fear of breaking or malfunctioning it. Now i am not a very

100 Songs That Are Too Catchy To Skip

So i was surfing the internet looking for some cool new songs to kill some time. Turns out after listening to a song a few times it gets boring and then i end up skipping it and after some time i start hating songs that i once

Top 10 Anime Shows As On September 2013

Anime shows are very popular in almost every country but mostly in Japan and China. I am myself a huge anime fan of anime and have been watching anime shows ever since i was a kid so today i am going to make a list on top